How to Install Canon Printer Software on Mac Device?

Generally, installing any printer on Mac is an easy task as the user doesn’t have to do much. He just have to connect his printer with his Mac device, and when the printer turns on, Mac automatically detects the device and install the necessary software for it. Although, there are times when your device doesn’t detect the printer and that is when you need to manually install the driver.

If you are using a Canon Printer then there are two ways to install a printer driver on a normal device. One, you can install the most compatible and latest driver from manufacturer’s website. Simply download the driver from there and then run the installer and follow the instructions to complete the process. Sometimes, we do not find driver for specific printer or we use different models of printer, in that case you can easily find generic printer drivers from Canon’s website. Second you can do it with the help of CD that came with the printer. You can ask experts on Canon Customer Support Number UK to learn more about it.

Anyways, coming back to the point, if your Mac device is not downloading the software automatically then you can also use Printer & Scanner preference pane to install Canon Printer.

·         First, connect your Canon printer with your Mac device using USB cable.

·         Turn on your printer and make sure that your printer is configured with ink and paper other you might receive an error.

·         Click on Apple menu and select “System preferences”.

·         Now go to “Printers and Scanners” preference pane. If you see your printer in the list then stop here otherwise continue with next step.

·         If you don’t see your printer in the list, click the plus (+) button and then select the Default tab.
·         You will see your printer in the list, select it.

·         You will see all the information related to your printer. By default, Mac will auto select the driver appropriate for it. Click Add button.

After this, you can check if your printer is working well or not. For this, open Printers & Scanners and select printer from the Printers list sidebar. Then click the “Open Print Queue” button, from the print queue window, click menu bar, select Printer and then Print Test Page. If the test print is Ok, then perfect but if in case it is not printing anything or you are having any issue with the print quality then you can consult our printer mechanics at Canon printer helpline Number UK. Whatever your issue will be, it will be resolved with proper guidance.


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